I-mose robot simulator universite montpellier

I-Mose Simulator

At Euromov BEC Robotics installed the iMose (Interactive Motion Simulator) movement simulator. Euromov is a European center for research, innovation...

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BEC Entertainment Multi Axis Rotational Simulators

Multi Axis Rotation Simulator

The high-performance simulator with unlimited rotation around the longitudinal, vertical and transverse axes is designed to meet the most demanding...

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BEC Coaster Innoport Reutlingen Eröffnung

Opening - Innoport Reutlingen

With two state-of-the-art robot coaster systems, BEC thrilled visitors at the opening of the Innoport Innovation Campus in Reutlingen. With this...

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BEC Coaster - robot at Untold Festival Romania

Untold Festival - Romania

BEC Entertainment and NAN Events provide the special thrill at the Untold Festival 2021! Hundreds of guests experienced an unforgettable ride on the...

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ICT AG Intershop BEC Dynamic Displays Robot screen LED

ICT AG - Intershop 2023

Experience the future with ICT AG at Intershop Fair 2023! Discover the brilliance of BEC's dynamic robotic screens, presented in a unique and...

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BEC Simulator at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics

1 min read

CyberMotion Simulator

The MPI CyberMotion Simulator was developed at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics as a novel alternative to conventional motion...

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Virtual Reality Rides BEC Coaster robot Funcity Buek hungary Funcity

Funcity / VR Coaster

Since 2022, Funcity amusement park in Bük has been the most exciting place in the country with not one but two robot rides from BEC! These innovative...

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Robot Rides BEC Coaster robotland belgium essen

Robotland / Standard Coaster

Coaster in Robot Technology Park. Robotland is an outstanding technology and amusement park in Essen, Belgium. Here, today's most innovative...

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