Robotic Solutions

Robots for theme parks, events and TV productions

BEC Entertainment offers an extensive range of robotic attractions for unforgettable experiences in theme parks, events, TV productions and much more. From exciting robotic roller coasters to fascinating LED displays, our innovative solutions meet a wide range of requirements. Safety, quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities to ensure smooth installations and exceptional results.

Customized solutions and rental options for temporary installations.

Contact us today to enhance your event with state-of-the-art robotic attractions that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Experience the thrill of technology-based entertainment with BEC Robotics! If you only need a system temporarily for events or trade shows, we also offer rental options.


Robot rides

Technology, entertainment, adrenaline: unforgettable experiences!

From the turbulent movements of a roller coaster to interactive rides with virtual reality goggles - our robot rides offer a unique combination of technology, entertainment and adrenaline.

Robot Ride Systems


Robot displays

Robots move LED screens: Captivating content!

Robots with LED screens offer a variety of benefits for trade shows and events. The combination of moving robots and vibrant, high-resolution LED screens creates an impressive visual presentation that attracts visitors.

Dynamic Robot Screens


Simulator platforms

Realistic simulations: Robots for maximum immersion!

Robots are the ideal choice for motion simulators. They deliver an exceptional simulation experience, provide flexibility, ensure safety, and require minimal maintenance.


More about our simulators



Individual solutions

Special systems with robotics: Spectacular, individual, safe!

A standard system does not fit your requirements? You want to realize a new idea with robotics support? Here you can find more information about customers for whom we have developed individual systems.


Customized projects

Current project? Contact us.