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- 20 Jahre -
BEC Robotics

2003 - 2023

Unmatched realism and safety in training simulators

BEC Robotics is a leader in integrating KUKA industrial robots into high-quality simulation systems. These simulators are particularly suitable for realistic pilot training, driving simulation, virtual reality and perception research. BEC looks back on a decade of human-in-the-loop experience and the simulators convince with outstanding system performance in real-time with maximum safety of human-robot interaction.

Robots for realistic simulations

At the heart of the BEC systems are KUKA robots, which take motion simulation to a new level. This integration enables an extended range of motion, the superposition of linear and rotational motions, the simulation of centrifugal forces and also allows extreme alignments such as overhead positioning.

Unleashing robot performance in simulation

Robots are an innovative choice for motion simulation. They are adaptable, versatile, safe and low maintenance. The precision of their movements provides an authentic perception of speed, acceleration and maneuvers, and enables deep immersion in a variety of scenarios - from complex flight exercises to virtual adventures.

Enter a new era of motion simulation with simulators from BEC Robotics. Experience the redefined boundaries of realism, innovation and immersive training.


I-Mose Simulator

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Multi Axis Rotation Simulator

The high-performance simulator with unlimited rotation around the longitudinal, vertical and transverse axes is...

CyberMotion Simulator

The MPI CyberMotion Simulator was developed at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics as a novel...

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