Customized Solutions

Special Robotic Solutions: Spectacular, Customized, Safe!

Robotic Special Effects: Bringing Creative Visions to Life!

Looking for a partner to bring your ideas for robotic special effects to life? Look no further! Our team will closely collaborate with you to develop a system that not only meets your requirements but also ensures safety standards for human-robot interaction. And the best part? We offer rental systems at an attractive price for temporary installations.

Our experienced team works closely with you to create spectacular and bespoke effects that captivate your audience. Whether it's floating people on a robotic arm or designing custom robotic systems for special performances, BEC Entertainment is your go-to for exceptional technical solutions. Contact BEC Entertainment to turn your ideas into reality!


Funcity / VR Coaster

Since 2022, Funcity amusement park in Bük has been the most exciting place in the country with not one but two robot...

Mental Samurai TV Production

For the new Mental Samurai competition series on FOX, we provided the design of the robot, capsule, and safety control...


Ahoy, adventurers! 🤖⚡️ Exciting news from BEC ENTERTAINMENT, this time on the high seas! 🌊🌟 The magnificent MSC...

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